Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 25 July 2015, 5pm

Andrew pays tribute to British director Christopher Nolan and reviews the finest film scores of 2015 so far.

The British film director Christopher Nolan turns 45 this week, providing Andrew with the perfect excuse to devote the first hour of tonight's programme to music from Nolan's films.

Their spectacular scores are more often than not by composer Hans Zimmer, and include The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception (pictured) and Interstellar.

In the second part of this evening's show, Andrew will be showcasing the finest film scores of the year so far. These will include Slow West by Jed Kurzel, Southpaw by the late James Horner, Far From the Madding Crowd by Craig Armstrong - and the brand new score from Danny Elfman, The End of the Tour.