Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 15 March 2014

Howard Goodall enters the world of video games and some of the great symphonic scores that accompany them.

This week, Howard Goodall takes a small excursion away from the world of cinema - and delves into the music of video games. 

There's music from Final Fantasy which, perhaps controversially, reached No.3 in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2013. It's written by Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu, who is sometimes referred to as the ‘Beethoven of video games music’. His career in the games industry spans 28 years and more than 60 titles, and he now tours the world to give concerts of his music. He's back in the UK in November for a show at the Royal Albert Hall which sold out in less than three hours. 

There's also music from Bioshock InfiniteHalo, Super Mario and many more - celebrating the composers and assessing how their music enhances the gaming experience.

So whether you're a committed gamer or a self-confessed technophobe, join Howard for two hours of wonderful and varied scores.