Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 1 February 2014

This week, Howard Goodall explores the great director-composer partnerships.

On this week's show, Howard Goodall celebrates the enduring partnerships that are often struck up between a film director and a composer.  

Howard kicks off with the long-standing relationship between Steven Spielberg and John Williams (pictured), showcasing the exceptional scores from such great films as JawsE.T.Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan.  

Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann also had a magical synergy. Listen out for the music from cult classics Psycho, Vertigo and North by Northwest.  

More recently British director Sam Mendes and American composer Thomas Newman have enjoyed a fruitful partnership, working together on American BeautyThe Road to Perdition and Skyfall. 

And no show exploring such creative collaborations could end without shining the spotlight on the wonderful world of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Howard has music from BatmanEdward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.