The Music of the Globe

Award-winning trumpet player Alison Balsom joins Lucy Coward for a Bank Holiday special exploring the music of the Restoration.

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This July, an unprecedented musical and theatrical event, arrives on the stage at Shakespeare's Globe in London, conjuring up a teeming world of real and imagined characters: royalty, composers, musicians and trumpet makers, prostitutes and transvestites! 

The play 'Gabriel' will be overflowing with high emotions - lust, despair, love and grief, with the requisite dash of saucy humour - and will bring some of the finest music ever written to a space uniquely suited to it. Multi award-winning trumpet player Alison Balsom will bring this world to life with the music of Henry Purcell and George Frideric Handel

Tonight, Alison joins Classic FM presenter Lucy Coward to discuss this fascinating project and shed new light on some of the most famous music of the period. 

Find out why Alison wishes she had paid more attention during history lessons at school; why 'Gabriel' is effectively a modern-day Shakespeare play; and why playing the natural trumpet is similar to blowing into a hosepipe!

Also the music of Shakespeare – so associated with the Globe – will feature heavily, as Lucy showcases the extraordinary catalogue of music directly inspired by the immortal Bard.

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