David Mellor - Sunday 4 January 2015, 7pm

David Mellor begins his new year appropriately enough in Vienna, city of music.

For his first Sunday night show of 2015, David Mellor starts the new year in optimistic mood with some of the ebullient works to come out of Vienna, a city whose music is synonymous with New Year celebrations.

In particular, David focusses on compositions and works conducted by Robert Stolz, who worked as a musician for 88 years before dying in 1975 at the age of 94. 

Stoltz performed in front of Brahms at the age of 7 and was given the blessing of Johann Strauss II himself who said he thought the boy had potential for a brilliant career.

Hear Stoltz at his best tonight, performing his own compositions as well as those that made Vienna's name as the city of music.