Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 15 February 2014

Still in a romantic mood from St. Valentine's Day? Howard Goodall indulges in a little day-after slushiness.

Love is in the air this weekend! 

Howard Goodall presents a post-St. Valentines Day special, delving into cinema's most romantic music - from movie classics to recent rom coms. 

Starting in the 1940s, there's repressed passion at a suburban railway station to the strains of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 - in Brief Encounter. And forbidden love among sheep herders in Wyoming in Brokeback Mountain.

Epic love stories range from Gone with the Wind to Titanicwhile classic romances include Patrick Doyle's scores for Sense and Sensibility and Much Ado About Nothing, and Stephen Warbeck's Shakespeare in Love.