Happy Birthday, James Horner!

Alex James's Date Night, Saturday 9 August 2014, 7pm. Titanic composer's birthday is among this week's dates to mark.

Alex James explores all the important dates, anniversaries and 'on this day' events in the classical music world over the week ahead.  

Tonight, he marks the birthday of James Horner, the hugely successful, award-winning composer of the soundtracks for TitanicBraveheart and Avatar. He turns 61 on 14 August.

Alex also marks an important anniversary for J.S. Bach, who began a rather important new job on this day in 1703. 

There's music by a composer who got married in front of 22,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl, and two pieces of music by Mozart that were completed on 10th August, albeit a year apart.  Plus – a very musical marriage with the Schumanns