Alex James's Date Night - Saturday 14 March 2015, 7pm

Alex James takes a whistle-stop journey through the important dates and anniversaries in the classical music world over the week ahead.

On this week's show, Alex James begins by celebrating the music of Elgar who, on this day in 1904, was at the Royal Opera House for a festival of his music; a very rare honour for a living composer.  

Alex will also find out why, on this day in 1840, Franz Liszt and Robert Schumann both found themselves in Dresden for a rather important performance.

Looking ahead over the rest of the week, Alex marks the premiere performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No.4 and Chopin's Piano Concerto No.2, says happy birthday to Italian violinist Fabio Biondi and Chinese guitarist Xuefei Yang, and explains why Leopold Mozart got into a spot of bother with the Archbishop of Salzburg.  

We’ll also discover the story behind the first performance of The Creation by Haydn on 19th March 1799, and hear why, on the same date in 1896, Dvorak found himself on the podium in London.