Alex James's Date Night - Saturday 10 January 2015, 7pm

Alex casts his eye over the coming week's significant classical music anniversaries and events.

In 1936, Sergei Prokofiev completed work on the score for his well-loved ballet Romeo and Juliet. But it wasn't actually premiered until four years later, on 11 January 1940. Why exactly was that? Join Alex James tonight, for an exploration of the most important musical dates for the week ahead, beginning with the great Russian's music – and the story behind that much-loved ballet.

And while we are on the subject of Russians - why did Rachmaninov write a provocative letter to the New York Times on 12 January 1931?

And which Rachmaninov-esque British composer was born 110 years ago this week?

All will be revealed if you make a date with Alex James.