Hall of Fame 2015: how Classic FM's presenters voted

The world’s biggest poll of the greatest music ever written is about to be unveiled. Find out how the Classic FM presenters voted.

John Suchet

No prizes for guessing which composer our resident Beethoven-expert supports with his top Hall of Fame choice. Yes, it's Beethoven – and the piece is the great composer's Triple Concerto. 

"This is one of my favourite Beethoven pieces," says John, "and I was overjoyed when it got back into the Hall of Fame three years again, since when it's dropped out again. I'd love to see it back in the top 300." Listen to the clip below to hear more about John's choices.

1. Beethoven – Triple Concerto in C major  
2. Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5
3. Schubert – Symphony No. 9

Anne-Marie Minhall 

Anne-Marie Minhall has chosen a Hall of Fame favourite for her top choice this year, Vaughan Williams's Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis. She says: "I love it for so many reasons, partly because I think it's the most extraordinary piece of music I've ever heard in my life. Every time I listen to it I seem to find something different in it." Listen to the clip below to hear more about Anne-Marie's choices

1. Vaughan Williams – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
2. FinziEclogue
3. BizetCarmen

John Brunning 

For John Brunning, Johannes Brahms comes top this year. Talking about the great composer's Second Piano Concerto, John says: "It's a thundering good piece of music and I commend it to you in the highest possible terms." Listen to the clip below to hear John talking about his three Hall of Fame choices

1. Brahms – Piano Concerto No.2
2. Duruflé – Four Motets on Gregorian Themes
3. Tchaikovsky – Symphony No.6 ('Pathetique')

Aled Jones 

This year Aled backed Rachmaninov's Symphony No. 2. He says: "It made such an impact on me as a child, more than any other piece of music and it's been that way ever since." Find out more in the clip below.

1. Rachmaninov – Symphony No.2
2. Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending
3.Morten Lauridsen – O Magnum Mysterium

Tim Lihoreau

Classic FM's More More Breakfast presenter, Tim Lihoreau is hoping Márquez will make it to the top of the Hall of Fame this year. He says the composer's Danzón No. 2 "is simply gorgeous, and absolutely contagious." Find out why he's backing Márquez in the clip below.

1. Márquez – Danzón No.2
2. Márquez – Conga del Fuego
3. Piazzolla – Libertango

Jane Jones

Jane Jones, presenter of Classic FM's The Full Works Concert and More Music Breakfast at the weekend has given her No. 1 vote, once again, to Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3, as she explains: "I've voted for this year after year and it's been great to see it get higher and higher each year in the overall top 300. So let's do it again – let's push it even higher up the chart."

1. Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto No.3
2. Sibelius – Symphony No.5
3. J.S. Bach – Cello Suites

Lucy Coward

Grieg's Piano Concerto takes the top spot for Lucy Coward. She said: "This is one of the best piano concertos ever written, in my opinion – from those incredible opening chords to the lyricism of the beautiful second movement."

1. Grieg – Piano Concerto in A minor 
2. John Barry – Out of Africa
3. Will Todd – The Call of Wisdom 

Alan Titchmarsh

For Alan Titchmarsh, it's music about the great outdoors that leads his Hall of Fame choices. "For me it's a real light-music favourite. There I am, sitting at the side a bubbling stream watching an old water mill as the crystal water passes through its paddles."

1. Ronald Binge – Watermill
2. Tchaikovsky – The Sleeping Beauty
3. Saint-Saëns – Symphony No. 3 ('Organ') 

Nick Bailey

Nick Bailey's Hall of Fame choices this year include two from America, as he explains: "I've chosen a couple from Latin America, starting with the Mexican composer Arturo Marquez, who had the highest climber last year with his Danzon No. 2".

1.  Marquez – Conga del fuego
2. Gardek – Por una Cabeza
3. Handel – Alcina  

Alex James

The presenter of Alex James's Date Night has chosen his top three pieces, and top of his Hall of Fame list this year is Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. He said: "Tough gig getting it down to just three. But first is Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake because I've just been to see it with my daughter." 

1. Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake
2. Elgar – Cello Concerto
3. Pachelbel – Canon in D 

David Mellor

For David Mellor's choices this year, our resident critic has chosen three pieces which didn't feature in last year's top 300 at all. His top choice, Sibelius's Seventh Symphony is, he says, "a simply wonderful piece and ten times better than Finlandia".

1.  Sibelius – Symphony No. 7
2. Richard Strauss – Horn Concerto No. 1
3. Glazunov – The Seasons  

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