Odesa’s opera house behind barricades of sandbags

Brave musicians of Odesa Opera House sing while packing sandbags on Ukraine’s frontline

Violinist plays in a Ukraine bunker

Ukrainian violinist plays to her bomb shelter in moving and powerful footage

Classical musicians protest against invasion in Ukraine

200 classical musicians join London orchestral flashmob in solidarity with Ukraine

Pianist ‘plays for peace’ at Ukraine-Poland border

A solo pianist plays for peace, as Ukrainians cross border into Poland amid Russia invasion

Yo-Yo Ma at the World Economic Forum

Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach on a beach is proof that music has healing powers

Journalist Whitney Leaming filmed the young pianist at a Kharkiv hotel lobby

A Ukrainian pianist played Philip Glass as Russian forces advanced, and this was the composer’s response

Playing piano from a distance

A pianist devised a contraption so he can play piano from his bed

Ukrainian national anthem, performed by the Met Orchestra and Chorus

24-year-old Ukrainian bass-baritone leads Metropolitan Opera in moving national anthem

A Ukrainian musician plays the National Anthem in a metro station being used as a bomb shelter

Ukrainian trumpeter’s solo national anthem echoes through underground shelter

Footage of Ukrainians singing together in shelters amid Russian raids

Poignant footage of Ukrainian people singing together in shelters during Russian raids

‘Our culture is at stake’: Ukrainians use powerful music to voice their protests as Russia declares war

‘Our culture is at stake’: Ukrainians use powerful music to voice their protests as Russia declares war

Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk sings on London's Whitehall

Ukrainian operatic baritone sings his national hymn at 10 Downing Street in ‘call for peace’

Celinde Schoenmaker duets with a Covent Garden busker

Busker shocked as real-life West End Christine joins him for stunning ‘Phantom of the Opera’ duet

See how high you can here with this frequency test video

How high can you actually hear? Test yourself and find out

LEGO house sets off theme from UP

A tech genius made this intricate floating LEGO house that plays the theme to ‘Up’

Pop singer Malika Ayane and violinist Giovanni Andrea Zanon

Violinist duets with vocalist at Olympics closing ceremony for unique take on Italy’s national anthem

Beethoven in a major key

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 played in a major key is surprisingly unsettling