bass long note mozart

The breath control in this astonishing bass solo will make your diaphragm hurt

star wars flute multi track

This Star Wars flute multi-track is basically everything we love and more

Harry Potter Hedwig theme

A Harry Potter fan has turned John Williams’ soundtrack into a Chopin-esque piano fantasy

janine jansen mendelssohn la phil

Can we please just take a moment to recognise how incredible Janine Jansen sounds here?

maria callas vocal range

Listen to Maria Callas’ vocal range in just 90 seconds (it’s huge)

computer-animated string instrument

This bizarre computer-animated string instrument is completely transfixing and impressive

pokemon go a cappella video

Inevitably, someone has recorded an a cappella version of music from Pokémon GO

erhu flight of the bumblebee

This two-string Erhu player is INCREDIBLE at Flight of the Bumblebee

flautist attracts whale

Watch this flautist make a whale come to the surface (and almost knock her over)

Antonio Pappano's tips for young conductors

‘Don’t be satisfied with being a big fish in a small pond’: Antonio Pappano’s 5 tips for musicians

cecilia bartoli long note

Cecilia Bartoli holds this one note for an astonishingly long time (complete with showy crescendos and diminuendos)

floppy disk star wars

Star Wars played on 64 floppy disk drives is surprisingly pleasing

kid playing cheltenham street piano

Watch this kid perform an epic medley on a street piano

What was David Cameron humming?

So what was David Cameron actually humming?

cremaine booker black lives matter tribute

This cellist reacted to recent US shootings in the most beautiful way possible

swedish herding call soprano

A soprano performs an ancient Swedish herding call, and something magical happens

double bassist joins busking band

This tourist grabbed a double bass and unexpectedly busked an awesome jazz standard