star wars a cappella tonight show

Watch the cast of Star Wars sing an a cappella version of the Star Wars theme

sleigh bells chopin prelude

Huge surprise: adding sleigh bells to a Chopin prelude completely ruins it

air on a g-string andrew huang

New video shows Bach’s ‘Air on the G string’ performed on actual G-strings

star wars guitar orchestra

Every single orchestral part of the Star Wars theme - played on electric guitar

Gas meter instruments

A piece has been written for instruments made out of old gas meters - and it sounds like Arvo Pärt

hallelujah cellist brussels

A cellist serenaded Brussels as military vehicles rolled in

Boy hiccoughs natoinal anthem

A boy treble got the hiccoughs while singing the Australian National Anthem and it was inspirational

Leif Ove Andsnes and Beethoven

Leif Ove Andsnes' video guide to Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto

cat attacks flautist

This cat physically attacked its owner for playing Bach

Darth Vader 7 year old cello

This 7-year-old dressed up as Darth Vader, and played Star Wars on his cello and we're so grateful to the internet

The Lady in the Van screenshot

Watch an exclusive clip from 'The Lady in the Van'

Andre rieu video dedications

We asked André Rieu to give his fans some video dedications. Did he pick you?

Dawn French mystery music asset

Dawn French came into the studio – so we decided to find out what she thought of some bananas music by Messiaen

Viola New York City

New video reveals shocking levels of viola prejudice on the streets of New York

Child crying scales

This poor kid perfectly sums up the complete terror of learning your scales

ligeti john lewis christmas ad

The John Lewis Christmas advert soundtracked by Ligeti is genuinely unsettling

ice skating singer fail

Watch this singer majestically fail at performing while ice-skating