Minecraft Pachelbel's Canon

A complete music nerd spent days composing Pachelbel’s Canon in Minecraft. And it’s surprisingly good

martha argerich liszt hungarian rhapsody

This one video proves precisely how incredibly virtuosic Martha Argerich is

donald trump quotes opera singer

Donald Trump quotes sung by an opera singer are hilarious

string quartet rocking horses

Here's a string quartet playing the William Tell overture while on rocking horses


Watch the Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in their season finale

Rachmaninov Vocalise

Here’s exactly how Rachmaninov’s Vocalise breaks your heart

Robots who can play music

Terrifying: these robot musicians are going to steal your place in the orchestra


This 3D-printed violin sounds like an insane metal guitar solo

Game of Thrones Ennio Morricone

Game of Thrones with an Ennio Morricone soundtrack is (how is this possible?) even more majestic

Star Wars violin lightsabers

Children perform a Star Wars concert (with lightsaber violin bows) a week after a fire at their school

halo church

Haunting: watch this guy sing the theme from Halo in an empty church

bernstein explains conducting

Leonard Bernstein explains beautifully and eloquently exactly what a conductor does

charlotte bottger ballet lesson

Watch the incredible moment a girl with cerebral palsy is given her first ballet lesson

Christian-Pierre La Marca

An in-depth masterclass on Bach’s Suites for solo cello

ringtone piano rhapsody

This pianist turned all those annoying phone ringtones into a stunning rhapsody

Nutcracker body poppers

The Nutcracker performed by body poppers is an absolute revelation

double bass failing

Watch this truly virtuosic double bass monologue that’s almost impossible to play