beethoven drone world record

This drone world record soundtracked by Beethoven is properly spectacular

Milos Let it Be

Exclusive: watch Milos' moving cover of The Beatles' Let It Be

David Bowie covers

Someone has created a mashup of some of the best Bowie covers from the past 24 hours and it’s incredibly moving

imperial march soothes baby

Playing the Imperial March from Star Wars is weirdly soothing to this baby

fujara flute

Is this massive bass overtone flute the scariest-sounding instrument ever?

bolero saxophone fail

A poor saxophonist lost a spring and it made Bolero solo sound exceptionally weird

Nicola Benedetti

'I don't think people should have their phones out and be able to eat and drink at concerts' says violinist Nicola Benedetti

Violin Noobie YouTube

This beginner violinist recorded every step of her progress in an inspirational two-year time-lapse video

Violinist surfing

This guy filmed himself playing the violin while surfing because why not?

perfect pitch kid

This kid was accused of faking his perfect pitch - he responded with this incredible video

mariah carey choral cover

This haunting choral version of a Mariah Carey classic is making our Christmas right now

czardas on recorder

Watch this kid play an insanely difficult piece… on RECORDER

star wars mahler

Star Wars soundtracked by Mahler 6 sounds absolutely awesome

Saxophone brain surgery

Watch a man play the saxophone while undergoing brain surgery

gumtree jazz ad

An elderly pianist placed a Gumtree ad asking for musicians to jam with and got SO many responses

Benedetti Four Seasons masterclass

Nicola Benedetti's The Four Seasons masterclass

star wars a cappella tonight show

Watch the cast of Star Wars sing an a cappella version of the Star Wars theme