‘Happy birthday’, but it’s played by 13 tiny men on a piano

4 December 2017, 12:23

A YouTuber has created a video of himself, duplicated and downsized into 13 mini-musicians, playing Happy Birthday on the piano and violin. It’s pretty inventive stuff.

Created for the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s 100th anniversary video contest, YouTuber Beanzo made this video to say ‘happy birthday’ to the famous Conservatory.

The mini musicians start off lying down, hidden under the piano lid, before waking up to play a charmingly jaunty version of ‘Happy Birthday’ by jumping on the keys.

Now you know what to send your musician friends on their birthday...

For more inventive videos from Beanzo, find him on YouTube. And for another taster of his work, here’s Bach’s ‘The Art of Fugue’, played on glass bottles: