All Game of Thrones fans NEED to watch this cover

10 August 2017, 12:10 | Updated: 10 August 2017, 12:20

By Amy MacKenzie

Decostruttori Postmodernisti have blended the Game of Thrones theme with some of its original influences from the thirteenth century!

The Game of Thrones theme has become one of this decade's favourite and most recognisable soundtracks, but did you know that the soundtrack echoes elements of a medieval motet, Pucelete, composed eight centuries ago?

Music group Decostruttori Postmodernisti – Postmodern Deconstructionists, if you like – consider themselves to be the most pop-oriented amongst classical music lovers (or, the most classical music oriented amongst pop music lovers), so they decided to blend the two pieces together, bringing together the original influences for the television score and the final product. 

And where is more suitable for a Game of Thrones cover than the comfort of your very own sofa?


Find out more about Decostruttori Postmodernisti on their website, and check out more of their videos on Facebook and YouTube