Watch A Classical Affair Here

As evidenced by the huge numbers of listeners tuning in to Classic FM on a daily basis, the popularity of classical music is hardly in decline. This, after all, is the art form that communicates emotions, insights and so much more through the language of music. Yet for many people, classical music is something represented by the busts and portraits of dead people with little to say about our modern world.

Back in September 2011, Classic FM presenter Tim Lihoreau was invited to join the distinguished panel of Stephen Fry, businessman Sir David Tang and acclaimed concert pianist James Rhodes at the Barbican in London. 

There, along with members of the audience, they discussed the nature of classical music – its contemporary relevance, why many pieces still resonate to this very day, the reason why it's still worth listening to - and so much more. 

Passionate, lively and engrossing, the evening’s fascinating debate is now available for you to steam and enjoy here.