Dutch police smashed an opera singer’s front door in because they thought he was screaming in agony

28 January 2016, 10:06

opera singer smashed door

Rehearsing opera singers everywhere were given a warning this week when police in the Netherlands kicked in the door of someone merely singing opera with their headphones on.

The incident, which took place on Tuesday evening, was reported by the Amsterdam Zuid-Buitenveidert police force’s Facebook page.

The damage inflicted on the door is visible in the picture:

Nachtelijke nachtegaal !Dinsdag 26 januari 2016, nog vroeg in de nacht, kregen de collega's een melding van huiselijk...

Posted by Politie Amsterdam Zuid-Buitenveldert on Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Translated from the original Facebook post: “…early in the night, got the colleagues a report of domestic violence. The reporter hears a terrifying screams from the apartment. On the spot to hear colleagues also screams from the apartment and kick the door.”

“At that time the resident comes to the door. Turns out he's only in the place to be. The occupant was good listening to music with headphones on and was singing along with an opera.”

The identity of the singer in questions remains unknown.