Michael Caine voices support for euthanasia

In a candid discussion with Nick Ferrari for The Classic FM Interview, Michael Caine reveals the circumstances in which his father died.

The legendary British actor tells Nick of the moral quandary he faced when his father was dying of liver cancer, in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow on Classic FM.

“I said to this doctor, ‘Is there anything else you could do?’”, Sir Michael told Classic FM. “‘You could just give him an overdose and end this?'"

“As I was leaving, he said come back at midnight. I came back at midnight and my father died at five past. He’d done it”.

Asked by Nick whether he supported voluntary euthanasia as a result, Sir Michael replied, “I think so, yes, and if you’re in a state to where life is no longer bearable”.

Hear Sir Michael Caine talk to Nick Ferrari on The Classic FM Interview on Saturday 9 October at 9pm.