Farmer serenades cows with his trombone

20 February 2018, 09:43 | Updated: 20 February 2018, 09:55

A farmer who filmed himself serenading his cows by playing his trombone to attract them towards him has become a viral sensation.

The video shows farmer Derek Klingenberg in an initially empty field as he sits in a chair and plays Lorde's 2013 hit 'Royals' on his trombone.

Gradually, his cows start to come towards him across the hill until a huge herd surrounds him. It's a little worrying that farmer Derek might get trampled by a stampede of cattle, but they seem fairly docile.

They even start to sing along with him towards the end... because cows can be moo-sical too.

Excuse us. Here's the full video: