Classical music helps you grow?

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra may have played to a more enthusiastic audience, but none were more fragrant than the 100 different varieties of plants and bulbs listening to them at London’s Wigmore Hall recently.

The venture was commissioned by shopping channel QVC to prove the theory that plants grew quicker if classical music was played in the background. The 33-piece ensemble played a three-hour recital, which included Mozart’s Symphony No.40.

Benjamin Pope, the orchestra’s conductor, told the Daily Mail, “We've played some unusual recitals before but this has to be one of the strangest… it was slightly unnerving to see row upon row of bowed heads instead of applauding human beings”.

No immediate response was evident on the plants although, unsurprisingly, QVC are now encouraging its viewers to put the theory to the test with their new album ‘The Flora Seasons: Music To Grow To'.