Katie Price's son Harvey shows off his impressive piano skills ahead of Autism's Got Talent

13 August 2019, 10:58 | Updated: 14 August 2019, 09:16

By Helena Asprou

The British talent showcase celebrates the diverse skills of children and adults with autism – and this heartwarming video proves that music is for everyone.

An inspiring new video of Katie Price’s son, Harvey, playing the piano is going viral – and his efforts are all for an important cause.

In the clip (watch above), which featured in the final episode of Katie Price: My Crazy Life!, we see 17-year-old Harvey take a seat at the piano beside his mentor, Adam.

As they begin a lesson in improvisation, Katie says: “Harvey’s always played the keyboard, but I don’t quite know what he’s capable of.”

Despite never hearing the music before, Harvey quickly impresses his audience of two with his superb sense of rhythm and ability to play in the correct key.

Harvey first became interested in the musical instrument aged four, but his ad-libbing skills still come as a surprise to Katie, who asks: “How can he make that up? That fascinates me.”

Adam explains: “For Harvey, music is his words. Music’s his language.”

The music lesson wasn’t just for fun – Harvey was putting in the hours ahead of his performance at Autism’s Got Talent, a London-based charity event celebrating the diverse skills of autistic children and adults, run by Anna Kennedy Online.

Throughout the episode, we see that on the day of the event, Harvey feels anxious and overwhelmed – a common feeling among autistic children – and no longer wishes to play.

Katie explains: “Harvey can sometimes get upset in new situations and although he’s desperate to perform, he’s got cold feet at the last minute.”

But after watching the other participants, and with a little encouragement, he overcomes his anxiety and decides to go ahead with the performance.

It’s a charming rendition of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ – and the audience’s positive response is a great reminder that music is not only enjoyable for autistic children, but it can boost their confidence too.

Katie Price has been candid in interviews about Harvey's partial blindness, autism and experience of Prader-Willi syndrome, and has recently campaigned for a law against the type of cyberbullying her son has experienced.