A duet for cello and toilet roll is what the world deserves right now

18 March 2020, 16:39 | Updated: 18 March 2020, 16:46

Rylie Harrod Corral cello
Rylie Harrod Corral cello. Picture: Instagram

By Kyle Macdonald

A beautiful cello performance that will certainly demand the tissues...

Amid coronavirus upheaval around the world, there have been two big themes this week: self-isolated musicians making beautiful music, and the public panic buying loo roll. (Editorial note: please don’t panic buy loo roll)

And, well, Texas-based cellist Rylie Harrod Corral decided to combine the two.

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With her bow in one hand, and a prized roll of the bathroom essential in the other, Corral proceeded to give the world a performance of the famous cello solo ‘The Swan’ from Saint-SaënsThe Carnival of the Animals.

On the whole, the unlikely duet feels just what the world needs in March 2020: a little laugh.

Thank you, Rylie. Bravo, and stay safe everyone!