Quiz: Pick a colour and we'll tell you what piece of classical music to listen to right now

1 September 2017, 11:54

Colour palette

By Amy MacKenzie

How are you feeling today? Blue? Bright? A bit grey? Choose the colour that appeals to you most from the selection below and we'll match you to the perfect piece of classical music.

Humans are wired to make connections between music and colour, based on how the pieces make us feel. Mozart’s lively Flute Concerto No. 1, for example, is most often associated with bright yellow and orange, whereas his Requiem is more likely to be linked to dark, bluish grey. Don't believe us? Check out this study here.

What colour do you find yourself most drawn to today? Simply choose the one that appeals to how you're feeling right now and we'll reveal the perfect piece of classical music for you to listen to. 

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