Portchester Marimba Ensemble

The African Marimba project began at Portchester Community School in 2007, following visits to Cape Town.

The instruments were made by Andile Siyo in Gugulethu Township and were transported to Portsmouth by HMS Endurance, en route from Antarctica! Andile has supported the project since it started and he is currently making a second set of instruments for the ensemble.

The group’s performance will begin with Intonga, sung by Maggie Allen in the African language, Xhosa. This powerful introduction is accompanied by the marimbas. Amari was inspired by trips to South Africa through the charity as part of the South Africa Panjazz Project. This is a piece composed by group leader Lindsay Jobling and includes a collaborative section from Cofie Allotey-Annan who also is one of the soloists. The group’s performance will finish with Kinyemi, Swahili for 'a good thing'. Composed by Brandon Draper, this piece reflects musical influences from across Africa and includes hints of Latin rhythms towards the end.

Musical Director Lindsay Jobling

Age range of performers: 11-15

Intonga -Trad African
Kinyemi by Brandon Draper
Amari by Lindsay Jobling