All the things that have been 'killing' classical music over the centuries

29 August 2018, 22:20 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 09:14

Over the years, all these things have been accused of hastening the demise of classical music...

Proper Discord

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Let's be clear: classical music is incredibly vibrant in 2018. Search the #classicalmusic tag on Instagram or take a look at what In Harmony does with young people in Liverpool: there's a bright, exciting future to the genre we love.

However, for many years people have talked (and worried) about the imminent 'death of classical music'.

Back in 2014, journalists at Proper Discord and the New York Times assembled this infographic charting all the things accused of killing classical music, from medieval times in the 21st century. None of them have been successful so far. We're rooting for you, classical music.

For reference, we also made this (highly scientific) list of reasons why classical music is *not* dead.