15 memes you’ll only understand if you’re in the hell of practising your instrument

15 March 2018, 17:42

Sure, practising your instrument makes you a better musician – but it's also an extremely hellish experience.

1. The WORST

finally playing and this happens meme


2. Must my reeds always hate me?

oboe reed

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3. Absolute genius

don't want to play the notes


4. So. Much. Sellotape.

page turner meme

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5. Trying to achieve a balanced lifestyle like...

social life practice meme


6. E strings are the ultimate enemy

e string meme


7. It's finally happening

this is how I die meme


8. Cause of death = time signatures

difficult times meme


9. Is it even possible?

Practise without crying meme

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10. When will it happen pls?

practice memes

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11. The perils of being a percussionist

practice memes


12. But also, thank you for the passages where we don't have to play

practice memes


13. This is my life now

practice memes

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14. Alien hands > normal human hands

Finger six meme

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practice memes

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