This is how you storm off stage in the middle of an opera

5 November 2015, 15:27 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

This goes from sad, to triumphant, to awkward - very quickly indeed.

Back in 2006, tenor Roberto Alagna was hot property

He had been snapped up by La Scala in Milan, perhaps the most famous opera house in the world, to play Radomes in Verdi’s grand opera, Aïda. The director was none other than movie legend Franco Zeffirelli. Basically, this was a massive deal.

However, the audience of La Scala are notoriously… err… awful. They like to boo. No matter who you are or how popular you are, if you put a single foot wrong (and sometimes even if you don’t), then they’ll boo your face off.

Unsurprisingly, for Alagna’s 2006 performance, they thought they’d take a pop at the champ.


Alagna’s reaction? Make a hand gesture that we can’t quite see, then storm off stage like a legend:


Other way, Roberto…

Nothing quite undermines a dramatic exit like forgetting your coat. Unfortunately for Roberto Alagna, he picks the wrong side of the stage to exit from, and has to turn back:


Watch the whole thing here

Including the understudy who replaced Alagna, resplendent in casual clothes.