The Pursuit of Love filming locations: From Linda’s Chelsea flat to Beverly Hills

14 May 2021, 18:34

The Pursuit of Love filming locations: From Linda’s Chelsea flat to Beverly Hills
The Pursuit of Love filming locations: From Linda’s Chelsea flat to Beverly Hills. Picture: Getty / BBC / YouTube /

By Emma Clarke

The popular three-part series starring Lily James was filmed in various locations.

New period drama The Pursuit of Love has already proven a hit with fans, owing to its glamorous costume design and contrastingly modern soundtrack.

Starring Lily James as Linda Radlett and Emily Beecham as Fanny Logan, the three-parter is based on the bestselling novel of the same name, by Nancy Mitford.

The Pursuit of Love is told from Fanny’s perspective, as she details her close bond with cousin and best friend, Linda; a whimsical young girl who is obsessed with the idea of love.

Fanny watches as her cousin falls in and out of romances, watching in awe - and also doubting her own life choices, which are much more grounded and “sensible”.

Part of what makes the TV show so beautiful is its stunning filming locations. As Linda escapes the confines of her childhood home (a grand estate in the countryside) and explores the world, we leap from rolling green hills to decadent Parisian hotel suites.

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Rousham House, Oxfordshire
Rousham House, Oxfordshire. Picture: Getty

Where was The Pursuit of Love filmed?

For the most part, The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol were used to shoot key scenes.

Among the sets built at the studios were Cheyney Walk House, Linda’s Chelsea flat, the Beverly Hills Hotel and The Ritz.

  • The Radlett home

The stately home of Alconleigh is actually an amalgamation of several different estates in the English countryside. Both Dyrham Park in Bath and Rousham House in Oxfordshire (above) were used.

  • Merlin’s home

Played by Andrew Scott, Merlin is arguably the best character in The Pursuit of Love. Fabulously camp and one of Linda’s biggest cheerleaders, Merlin’s eccentric home and personality really add to the show.

The exterior shots were filmed at both Gloucestershire’s Badminton House, and the Dyrham Park gardens.

  • Oxford

Owing to Covid-19 restrictions, the university scenes were actually shot at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire.

  • Paris

Those who have watched the series will know that a sizable chunk of it takes place in Paris, France.

The crew did actually travel to the City of Light to film some shots.

You can watch all three episodes of The Pursuit of Love on iPlayer now.