Six times Baroque was thrust into the 21st century

There'll be no academics smoking pipes and talking historical performance practice. No quibbling about ornamentation. Just great Baroque music, played by today's finest musicians.

Irresistible Monteverdi from l'Arpeggiata 

Exquisitely arranged, infectiously jazzy, and a dashing countertenor. Nothing 1643 about this.

Albrecht Mayer

Don't let the haircut fool you, this is as up-to-date as it gets. Just listen to the way he caresses his way through this Handel Oboe concerto.

Daniel Hope

The British Violinist is always on stage in a sharp suit, reading the music off his iPad. And his Baroque arrangements are just as stylish. 

Vivaldi 'Recomposed' 

Daniel Hope again - this time at the 2013 Bristol Proms with Max Richter's arrangement that plunges Vivaldi's concerti into a minimalist and contemporary sound-world. And it's utterly mesmerising. 

Avi Avital

The Israeli mandolin player is another Bristol Prommer in 2014. Here he is with a cracking Band, smashing out some Bach.  

2CELLOS Thunderstruck 

Getting all a bit silly here. Baroque cello duet, silly wigs, 1990 rock hit, viral on YouTube. All very 2014.