How to beat stress - a guide

Simple breathing exercises are a one of the most effective ways to relax and restore inner peace. They can be used anytime and at any place, they work quickly, easy to master and best of all - they're free!

Abdominal breathing is the perfect solution to quickly calming nerves, it can reverse your stress response and help you to focus your mind and think more clearly.

Relaxing music: the ultimate playlist

So the next time you feel worried, tense or anxious, try this quick and easy breathing technique to bring about rapid relief and relaxation.

  • Find a quiet place if possible, if you are sitting down & it is safe to close your eyes that’s fine, otherwise standing and with your eyes open is also OK.
  • Slowly breathe in through your nose & then out through pursed lips, allowing the abdomen to soften and rise on the in breath then deflate and return to normal on the out breath.
  • Slowly repeat this for 6-8 breaths over the minute with the breath out being slightly longer than the breath in.
  • Each time you breathe out, make sure you relax your face, jaw, shoulders & hands.
  • If your symptoms persist, repeat this technique for 3-5 minutes until you feel calm & relaxed.

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Try these relaxation techniques while listening to the best music for relaxation.