Millennials hate classical music and these are all the reasons why

11 September 2017, 16:40 | Updated: 11 September 2017, 17:27

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You were born in the 1990s, and you have literally no time for classical music. But we want to know why...

Classical people don’t get Snapchat

Bach strongly disagrees.

Bach Snapchat meme

Also, you can’t gram a concert hall.

The Royal Albert Hall wonders if you could repeat that?


Stunning! Thanks @satindersartaaj #royalalberthall #london

A post shared by Royal Albert Hall (@royalalberthall) onAug 21, 2017 at 6:15am PDT

It’s long and requires a long attention span, which is something silly millennials are not familiar with

Ryan is offended by this assumption.

Classical is all on CDs

*Ahem* we beg to differ.

Classic FM app

There was never any gossip in the composer world

Brahms and Clara S. this isn’t true. Robert S. also knows.

Brahms, Clara and Robert Schumann meme

Tay-Tay and Kanye: eat your heart out.


It’s boring to watch live because everyone is dressed in black

Yuja Wang wants you to consult her wardrobe again.

Yuja Wang at piano

You can’t Google the names of pieces

To be fair... there is some truth in this. *Googles ‘sad violin song’*

There’s no beat to classical music

Mahler is rolling in his grave.

All classical music is quiet and sleepy

Mahler just surfaced from his grave.

There are no cool remixes in classical

Afro-Venezuelan remixer Joachim is here to show you that’s not true:

There’s never any WiFi in a concert hall

Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall has no time for this fake news.

Theatre Royal Nottingham WiFi

You can’t abbreviate anything like ROFL or LMAO

D.S. knows this is B.S.

D.S. al Coda

Concert halls are no place for flat whites or leaf-decorated lattes

Bach wrote his Coffee Cantata in preparation for this moment.

All the composers use the black & white filter in their photos

Brahms can’t believe you just said that.

Johannes Brahms

There’s no place for hipster specs in classical music

Shostakovich knows he had these rims way before 2017.

Shostakovich glasses

There’s no place for emojis either

These instruments know they deserve more attention.

Instrument emojis

There's no one good-looking in classical

Eric is mightily offended.


There you have it: conclusive proof that millennials hate classical music. And if you don’t believe us... go meme it or something.

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