The worst things about being a classical music-loving Millennial

28 September 2015, 16:45 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

You were born in the 1990s, you love classical music, and it’s a nightmare. Here are 11 of the worst day-to-day trials that you have to put up with…

You’re always the youngest member of the audience. By 47 years

I thought I once saw another young person at the symphony, but then I realised they worked there.


None of the good bars and clubs play your favourite tracks

Beers + Beethoven = banging night on the town, right guys?! 



No one understands your irrational obsessions

It's Eric Whitacre and his beautiful hair. The hair, the hands, the hair, the hands. So much better than all your boy bands put together.


No one understands your crushes

Everyone talks about Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, but neglects Frederic Melt-in-the-Mouth Chopin.

Just check out those smooth cheekbones. NO ONE COULD EVER BE BETTER.


Your generation's incorrect attribution of classical tunes

SO many of your friends think that Clair de Lune is originally from the Twilight soundtrack.


Classical people keep talking about these things called CDs

What the hell is a CD anyway?!


Everyone else your age thinks the thing you love is difficult and boring

Come on guys, it’s called being cultured and classy! You’d totally love it.



We feel your pain, Ludwig.

Weekends are always a problem

Guys, did you not hear, it’s the Grieg sonata and Christian Tetzlaff is playing?! Guys?!


It’s just so hard to find a dashing individual to appreciate the music with us

And, yes, we do have ridiculously high standards
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And when we do find them, we want to hang on to them for dear life. Which presents its own problems.

It may get very intense. If bonding over Berg isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.


And EVERYONE your age thinks you’re a bit of a geek

But that’s no biggie, because I’ve got a 14-hour playlist dedicated to my favourite recordings of Brahms Piano Quartets.