The awkward moment you realise you're in love, with your musical instrument

27 May 2015, 21:16 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

Read this and admit the truth... Your partner in music --> your best friend --> the love of your life --> your instrument.

For so many years this was your idea of the perfect partner:

Or this:

But you're a musician. Humans aren't for you. Think about it.


You spend most evenings in each other's company

"After we finish this Debussy, how about we get pizza and watch a movie?"

 (via Crazy Harpist)

They make you feel incredible

"It was in that exposition that I knew I felt truly happy."


They're so attractive

"The arch of their back. The way they smell. Just wow"


You take photos together

"Let's totally take a selfie! #WithMyBestie"


You want your friends to see you together

"She's new and so amazing. I still can't believe she's mine."


You share the same hopes and dreams

"We drank wine and stayed up all night, talking of Ravel and dreaming of Dutilleux."

 (via Crazy Harpist)

You travel the world together

"Two seats please. Only one meal."


Even more selfies

"That filter really brings out the beautiful tone of your fingerboard."


You hold each other close

"I just feel so connected. It's really beautiful."


You take photos of them

"there. That's the perfect light for you. You're beautiful"


When you have a great night, they're there to share it with you

"Nailing the opening to Bruckner 6 in concert was the best."

(via @SarahWillis)

It can get emotional

"We were there, together, at a difficult time."


They need lots of care and attention


Because they're just so beautiful

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You have so much fun together


And they make us feel feelings