The best classical music winter knits

Never mind a Christmas jumper - as the weather gets colder, it doesn't come much more warming than a musical knit.

1. Rhapsody in Pink

Nothing says "I love classical music" like a luminous pink jumper festooned with musical symbols galore. Maybe get changed before you head to Glyndebourne though, yeah?

Classical music winter knits


2. Music on the brain

If wearing your heart on your sleeve isn't enough to prove to the world you're a card carrying music-lover, why not wear your hat on your head? Especially if its design happens to bear any resemblance to this garish explosion of treble clefs.


Classical music winter knits

(Piano Songbook)


3. The Metaller

Cheer up mate! You're only wearing the most awesome metal-inspired classical music jumper and trouser combo. Just don't wear that beanie hat at the same time; you wouldn't want to overdo it...

Classical music winter knits























4. His 'n' hers

"Do I love my partner more than classical music?" No need to decide once you've grabbed yourself a set of colourful his 'n' hers musical jumpers.

Classical music winter knits












5. The Wrong Piano

Not entirely sure this piano-loving warmth enthusiast took a close enough look at his keyboard before ordering a custom made sweater…

Classical music winter knits









6. Violin V-neck

This violin V-neck is available as a pattern. That's right. You can KNIT IT YOURSELF. Omit the sleeves for the ultimate muso tank top.

Classical music winter knits













7. Keep your violin warm

You call that a violin jumper? THIS is a violin jumper! No, seriously, it's an actual jumper for your violin. Just don't forget to put your pride and joy in its case first.

Classical music winter knits
















8. Wrap yourself up in music

Effortlessly combining crochet and crotchets, this fantastic woollen scarf score ensures you'll never forget your music at those dark winter evening rehearsals. Now, to find a music stand big enough…

Classical music winter knits



9. B-A-B-E

There's only one way to let the world know you're a B-A-B-E. And that's by printing it directly on your sweatshirt using musical notation. (Also available, C-A-B-B-A-G-E, for when you're not feeling quite as sexy.)

Classical music winter knits