The most music geeky things that ever happened

The most delightfully nerdy things... Don't deny your inner music geek. Just indulge it. (socks and sandals not included)

This music-geek-chic clock

We know it's time to get a life, but it's so nerdy, and so elegant. 

 music geek

A Facebook post like this

Geeky commentary on score annotations - all must be uploaded immediately for the world to enjoy.

This epic (and educational) timepiece

We bow down to this watch. Never be late to the composition tutorial again. 

 music geek

This fancy dress

Tristan chord and music stand. That party must have been an absolute riot.

The members of Cleveland Orchestra 

Next level, guys. And word has it that the Incredible Hulk was on stage the next night, busting out the Bottesini Double Bass Concerto No. 2. 

music geek 

This guy.

The quiet one who sat next to you at harmony and counterpoint tutorials. And he obviously lets loose on a weekend. 

 music geek guy

This ring

Bach's numerological enigma is of course the most romantic thing to have engraved in a wedding band.

 Music geek wedding ring

This delicious harmonic pun

The staple of classical composers, and the staple of many hyperactive children combined. 

 music geek

This video of the Mozart harmonic roller-coaster of emotions

Sad, happy, sad, sad, angsty, sad, sad, sad, happy and sad.

This amazing Star Wars score

Strongly playing, the brass are. 

 music geek

This glorious union of Star Trek and cadential loveliness

No words required. Magnificent, isn't it?

music geek