Four times when a mobile phone disrupted a concert - and the performers' amazing responses

The concert hall is quiet, all are focused on sublime music - and then someone's mobile rings. Here a few occasions when it's caught on film.

We're constantly reminded to turn off our mobile phones before a concert, but mobile ringtone still too often resound during that soft slow moment, or impassioned finale. We've trawled the internet for a few of the best examples - so here are the annoying and invasive bleeps, and the surprising (and sometimes musically-genius) responses from those on the stage.

Haydn's concerto for piano, orchestra, and unanswered phone

And the soloist, Christian Zacharias, is not happy about it. Not one little bit. 

Passacaglia on a theme by Nokia 2730

For this violist the interruption is the opportunity for one of the greatest classical wins ever. Genius. 

This is what you get when you leave your cell phone on during a concert in Italy.

That Nokia theme (it's Tárrega, you know) once again it's given the spontaneous concert treatment. A bit more Piazzolla this time.  

And what if you take the call and begin talking?

These musicians get angry, and fight you with their spiky melodic lines and angular counterpoint. They win, of course. 

So next time you head to the stalls, phones on silent, please.