This video shows precisely what acoustics do to the sound of your voice

17 July 2015, 12:39 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

How does a room impact on the sound? This singer sings the same thing in over a dozen locations to show you.

Many things impact on the sound an instrument or voice makes in a space. An acoustic is the catch-all term bringing together things including the size and shape of a room, the texture of the walls, the atmosphere, and much more.

But just how much of a difference does this all make? Thanks to this video, you can do a direct comparison between very different spaces. It comes from singer Joachim Müllner – and he takes his voice on a varied acoustic tour.

The vocalist sings in both tenor and falsetto voice in 15 different locations, from big, resonant spaces like churches and and empty gymnasiums, to cramped attic rooms and concrete cellars. You can also hear the sound of the voice outdoors and in an anechoic chamber (the one that looks like a Bond villain's lair) without any sound reflections at all.

So here's how environment affects the sound, all presented in a seamlessly edited video. With a bit of bonus multi-tracking.

the Wikisinger from Touché Videoproduktion on Vimeo.