Someone put a load of powder on a cymbal and hit it in slow motion

16 November 2016, 15:22 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

cymbal in slow motion

When you’ve got a slow-motion camera, the first thing you should do is put stuff on your crash cymbal. Obviously.

This is quite self-explanatory, really:

Just look how the shockwaves send the powders in different directions and patterns, all due to the type of powders and the power of the hit.

This is taken from the blurb on the YouTube page, if you’re looking for a slightly more science-y explanation:

“See how a cymbal behaves in the micro seconds after being struck with a drumstick as we slow down the speed up to 100x with different size particles sifted on top to show the speed and force distribution from center to the edges. Filmed with a phantom flex, 720p high definition, at around 5000 frames per second with variable playback speed.”