13 of the cutest moments in classical music

18 May 2017, 17:27

From the fluffy animals who've taken up the piano to cute babies who can't help dancing to Baroque tunes, here are the ten of the most adorable classical musicians you'll ever see. All together now… AWWWW!

The perfect guitar duo

Duo Siqueira Lima is one of the most prestigious chamber ensembles having won the Profissionais da Música Award 2015 in Brazil and the International Press Award 2014 - and they also have a cracking party piece that brings a smile. There's more on their website here.

Kitten meets french horn

This adorable little one explores the coiled instrument - and learns something about resonance along the way. We expect to see her at the back of the orchestra very soon.

More cats, more brass

A cat in a euphonium. This adorable feline likes to consider itself a brass mute. No cats were harmed; no brass players were scratched; there was only cuteness.

This young girl, casually conducting from the back of a choir

Aaaaw, this toddler thinks that she's the conductor of this choir. Hold on, she's AWESOME.

This man who plays Vivaldi's Four Seasons on his cat's head

We don't know quite why this video happened. But this musical moggy seems to enjoy a spot of Baroque music as much as the rest of us.

This tiny dog and his piano

It's a tough life being a piano-playing dog. Not only is the instrument just too big for you, but performing tends to be tricky when you don't have any fingers. But this dog is going to give it a good go anyway. Listen to him sing those blues to his heart's content.

 This 'Catcerto'

It's hypnotic. It's beautiful. It's a piece of musical genius. And the soloist? A jazz-loving piano-playing cat.

This fluffy choral video

What do you get when you take nine of the cutest, fluffiest, most snuggle-able animals ever and write a song about them? Only the most adorable choral video in the world. This Australian choir certainly put the 'aaah...' in arpeggio.

This baby bouncing to the beat

Classical music, elitist? Not when you're 11 months old and rocking out to Mozart in a pink babygro. We could all learn a lot from this musical tot.

This adorable classical mashup

It's just too much. Kids performing their favourite pop lyrics, matched to great classical works. Oh, and they're dressed up as Mozart. Cuteness overload.

These percussion-playing kittens

A litter of inquisitive kittens realise just how much fun it is to play music together. It's what the internet was invented for.

This Baroque-loving baby

At just a few months old, he's worked out how to ramp up the volume on his favourite Baroque tunes. And his soundtrack of choice? Rameau, of course.

These scarily tiny guitarists

When the instrument's as big as you, strumming a tune isn't all that easy. So the fact that these kids have managed to play AND dance at the same time is wonderfully impressive. Not to mention creepy adorable.

This elephant playing 12-bar blues

The Jools Holland of the pachyderm world gets his chance to show off. Take a closer listen and you'll hear the latent influence of early Schoenberg creeping through in his melodic ideas.