6 times composers HATED musicians (and 6 times they loved them)

19 May 2015, 16:32 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

Composers do some very nasty things. Composers do some very lovely things too.

First up, those composers being nasty


That horn entry in Bruckner's fourth symphony

Hushed concert hall, tremolo strings, solo entry. No pressure, guys. We bet horn players have been thanking Bruckner for this moment for centuries.


The Ghosts of Versailles

There's not too much paranormal, or indeed any activity here. John Corigliano's opera is a smashing masterpiece - but clearly, at least at one point, the basses head to the pub.


Requests like this

That's OK, we didn't have anything else planned...


La Terre est Un Homme by Brian Ferneyhough

It's a very cool visual monstrosity - but just pray you don't come across it in a score reading exam when you have a hangover.

(click for a closer look)


The very demanding Samuel Barber Violin Concerto

More expression in the pluck.


Just why?

The sort of thing that sparks a bloody revolution in the cello section.

And the times composers completely adored musicians


Very loud from maestro Fučík

That's right, guys. 24 ƒs...

Florentiner Marsch by awesome bombastic Czech composer Julius Fučík. This is one of the splendid tracks on our Drive Featured Album this week, so cover your ears at around 6.18 every evening.


This performance direction

You ask them, they will oblige...


More 'loud' from Warlock's Benedicamus Domino

As if tenors ever needed that sort of encouragement with their top Gs. Peter Warlock marked this cracking final line 'fortississimo'. Pop in a throat lozenge and go for gold.


Mooing with Richard Ayres

Be honest here, who doesn't want to stand on a stage and make farmyard noises?


Really thoughtful...

Thanks so much.


And then there's Stravinsky's Firebird Suite to finish

Surely, the closing bars of this epic are the most satisfying thing in all music. For every member of the orchestra. Even the triangle.