8 cats who love classical music

14 August 2014, 23:01

Cat videos + classical music. This is what the internet was made for.

1. (Russian) Blue Danube
How are these cats cloning themselves? Where did that giant white one come from? And why are they listening to terrible Strauss MIDI arrangements? Who cares: it's a dancing cat video. And it's weirdly hypnotic.

2. Practice makes purr-fect
It's a YouTube video. Of a cat. Playing the piano. With a dodgy pun title. On an online listicle. The internet has peaked, folks, and it looks like this:

3. Catcerto
It was bound to happen. Internet sensation viral cat + music geek = orchestrated cat videos. Introducing Nora the Piano Cat, playing her 'catcerto' in concert, as her on-screen feline friends look on in wonderment (and lick themselves a bit.)


4. Eine Kleine Nacht-meow-sik
Either there's been a bit of catnip trickery here, or these three creepy-looking Mozart-loving felines have come up with a synchronised dance routine to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. We know which option we want to believe.

5. Cat sings Ramin Djawadi's Game of Thrones
If the soothing jazzy strains of the 'Catcerto' didn't float your boat, you're bound to love this utterly bizarre autotuned cat-inspired Game of Thrones parody, right? Right?

6. Cat conductor
Fans of conductors like Riccardo Meowti, Wilhelm Purr-twängler and Simon Cat-tle (sorry) will almost certainly appreciate this nuanced feline interpretation of Beethoven. No St Bernards in sight.


7. Cat sings Beethoven
This furry fellow may have only managed to sing one note of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, but his timing's impeccable. Missa Solemnis next?


8. Purr Elise
Despite the fact this musical moggy actually died in 1987, the online sensation known as 'Keyboard Cat' lives on. And now he's tackling Beethoven's most over-played piano tune. Round of apaws please.