The seafaring virtuoso who plays the violin while surfing colossal waves

15 March 2021, 15:11

Violinist plays instrument while surfing colossal waves
Violinist plays instrument while surfing colossal waves. Picture: Christina Pahnke / YouTube / Nuno Santos Violino

By Sian Moore

One professional violinist is serenading the sea from his surfboard.

We’ve seen musicians play their instruments in wildly creative places.

And one violinist is making a pretty big splash with his daring performances.

Nuno Santos has started practising his instrument while simultaneously pursuing his other great life passion... surfing.

With his violin and bow in hand, the professional musician and surfer expertly navigates the sea’s towering waves and choppy waters – all while playing his beloved instrument.

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Violinist plays whilst on a surfboard

Violinist performs from surfboard
Violinist performs from surfboard. Picture: Christina Pahnke

Speaking to CNN about his quirky pastime, the surfer revealed how both sport and music have played a big role in his life.

“I’ve been into both since I was five years old,” he said.

Santos continued: “This is an endeavour that requires the best of me in all levels, hence it’s something that helps knowing myself as a person.”

As much as Santos enjoys hitting the waves, this particular performance was part of an extreme art project the musician had undertaken.

Other quirky locations the violinist has performed in include the edge of an active volcano in Ecuador, and in the Amazon rainforest.

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