Watch this violinist play Michael Jackson using a FIDGET SPINNER

28 June 2017, 15:54 | Updated: 30 June 2017, 09:09

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

If Beethoven was asked 200 years ago how he thought classical music would adapt to the 21st century, he probably wouldn’t have guessed this...

This violinist has done the unimaginable: he has replaced his violin bow with 2017’s must-have device: the fidget spinner.

Rob Landes has created a hugely innovative rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit Billie Jean, in which he uses a spinner to play his instrument.

He begins by plucking out the original catchy bass riff, recording it on a loop pedal. He then spins the fidget (or indeed, fidgets the spinner) to pluck out the middle layer of the song. He finally reaches the main vocal tune on his E-string.

If you’re a fan of the fidget-spinning fiddle (try saying that five times fast), you can find more of Rob Landes' videos on Facebook and YouTube. You can also book him just here!