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Miles Davis in 1959

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis was victim of an unprovoked police assault in 1959

Trumpeter arrested in Seattle

A trumpeter was arrested during protests in Seattle, and had his trumpet confiscated by police.

orchestra stonehenge

The hauntingly beautiful moment an orchestra played at Stonehenge

Trumpeter playing ‘The Circle of Life’ from his balcony to the empty streets of Italy is a whole lockdown vibe

Trumpeter playing ‘The Circle of Life’ from his balcony is a whole lockdown vibe

Mormon temple angel loses trumpet after earthquake in Salt Lake City

Iconic trumpet topples from Mormon temple’s angel statue in Utah earthquake

Quarantined trumpeter plays incredible ‘Imagine’ solo from balcony in Italy lockdown

Quarantined trumpeter plays beautiful ‘Imagine’ solo from balcony in Italy lockdown

Alison Balsom introduces the natural trumpet

What is a baroque or ‘natural’ trumpet – and how do you play it?

Geoffrey Boycott listens to ‘Barmy Army’ trumpeter Billy Cooper during a New Zealand and England test match

‘Barmy Army’ trumpeter Billy Cooper is to retire and tributes are pouring in

Trumpet wedding fail

This ‘Wedding March’ trumpet fail is the worst thing to happen on your special day

Wind and brass players more likely to develop bronchitis

Brass and wind musicians are 16 per cent more likely to suffer respiratory illness, study finds

Brass band in Co-op advert

Brass band takes centre stage in Co-op’s heartwarming Christmas advert

The world's oldest trumpet, and its wooden core

Tutankhamun’s ‘cursed’ trumpet that stirs ‘deadly conflict’ has arrived in London

Guy plays two trumpets at the same time

This guy can ‘play’ two trumpets at the same time… watch until the end

EastEnders' Sonia plays the trumpet

EastEnders brought back Sonia’s trumpet again – and social media is having a meltdown

Cole Trumpet

This 11-year-old trumpeter is just an astonishing talent

Royal wedding trumpet

The trumpet played at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is up for auction

Hugh Masekela

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela’s 80th birthday