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colin stetson gorecki

Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs on massive saxophone sounds surprisingly wonderful

rahsaan rolank kirk plays three saxophones

This legendary jazzer effortlessly plays three saxes at once. And it sounds so mighty.

bolero saxophone fail

A poor saxophonist lost a spring and it made Bolero solo sound exceptionally weird

Saxophone brain surgery

Watch a man play the saxophone while undergoing brain surgery

Adolphe Sax Google Doodle

Google celebrates the 201st birthday of Adolphe Sax with a beautiful Doodle

3D printed instruments, including saxophone

The 7 most incredible videos of 3D-printed instruments

Valentina Lisitsa

Valentina Lisitsa: my 5 favourite Philip Glass works

Amy Dickson Classic FM Live 2013 behind the scenes

Amy Dickson on capturing the perfect sound