Health care worker moves the Internet in viral 3am piano recital

10 December 2021, 15:10

Shawn Foley plays a 3am recital
Shawn Foley plays a 3am recital. Picture: @dnherby

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

A children’s hospital staff member has gone viral following his stunning impromptu piano performance in an empty atrium.

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Some health care workers retire to the break room during their night shift break times, but one staff member relaxes in a different way.

Shawn Foley is an Emergency Room (ER) Technician at Golisano Children's Hospital in Fort Myers, who, during one recent night-time shift, was caught playing the piano to an empty atrium at 3am.

In the video, captured by a colleague, Foley performs a jazz arrangement of the tune ‘Feeling Good’. He seems unaware of the filming taking place from his colleague, as he performs in scrubs, a facemask and gloves.

The performance has been viewed over 8 million times on TikTok, and it’s easy to see how his heartwarming performance went viral...

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More videos have been shared of Foley’s playing by his colleague @dnherby, from covers of Billy Joel’s Piano Man, to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Foley is a self-taught musician, and has been playing piano for over ten years. However, he can’t read music, and learns all of his pieces by ear.

Since being discovered in the first viral video, Foley has attracted national and international news, and his colleagues now come to watch him perform during their breaks.

His music is said to have provided comfort during this turbulent time.