People are inventing playable ‘bathroom pianos’ and we have questions

3 June 2021, 11:51 | Updated: 3 June 2021, 15:44

People are inventing playable ‘bathroom pianos’ and we have questions
People are inventing playable ‘bathroom pianos’ and we have questions. Picture: MenKind / Twitter / @justin_ng

By Sian Moore

Tinkle the tiny ivories with your toes while you... ahem. We’ll leave it there.

They say that 92 days of our lives are spent on the toilet. That’s a lot of time you could be practising your instrument in.

Well, some clever soul has found a solution to help you squeeze in those 40 hours a day.

Meet the Toilet Piano Mat, a foot piano with thirteen keys that wraps snugly around the base of your latrine. It even comes with a songbook.

This multitasking instrument comes at a reasonable price of £12, plus a few AA batteries that you’ll need to buy yourself.

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Toilet mat piano
Toilet mat piano. Picture: MenKind

If you’re wondering whether a bathroom is really the most suitable environment for a pianist, panic not – as MenKind’s creation is waterproof with a non-slip base, so any toilet mishaps won’t affect your performance.

And with the perfect acoustic a bathroom creates (we explain the science about that here), it might be the place you finally crack that fiendish concerto.

It’s not even the only toilet piano on the market.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen stock their own version, in blue. In Danish, it’s known as a ‘toiletklaver’.

*watches musicians stampede to store*