This oboe soloist’s reed SNAPPED mid-solo, but he recovered like a pro

25 September 2017, 17:21 | Updated: 25 September 2017, 17:31

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Here is some very rare footage of genuine oboe-based friendship.

The London Symphony Orchestra was performing Hector Berlioz’s opera The Damnation of Faust last Sunday at the Barbican Centre, London. Principal oboe Olivier Stankiewicz was about to embark upon the oboe solo at the end of the performance, when he realised there was a water bubble trapped in his keys.

Quickly tapping to clear it, he accidentally split his reed in the process. But second oboe Rosie Jenkins was ready to jump in and save the day. In a heartbeat, the principal oboist grabbed the second oboist’s instrument and continued the solo seamlessly. And he wasn’t even fazed by the different fingering system on her instrument.

“What we didn't capture on camera,” the LSO explains on their YouTube channel, “[is that] Rosie cleans Olivier's instrument, fits a new reed and hands it back to him, all in time for their next entries. And meanwhile, none of the players around them bats an eyelid, and no one in the hall is any the wiser that there has been a drama.”

What a bunch of legends.

The LSO presented an all-Stravinsky concert this Sunday, led by new conductor Simon Rattle. The whole concert was live-streamed, and you can watch it again just here...

Download the concert programme here if youd like to find out more about each piece.