This awesome double bass pizzicato technique is super-hypnotic

13 February 2017, 16:47

double bass pizzicato

By Amy MacKenzie

Sometimes, you just have to salute superior technique. Especially when it's on display in a super-jazzy double bass solo.

Sit back and take a breather from your Monday blues with this slick tune played by double-bassist Nenad Vasilic.

OK, yes, part of the piece is quite repetitive. However, the catchy rhythm of this track, Vranjanka from Nenad Vasilic's album 'The Art of the Balkan Bass', is frequently interrupted with moments of pure joy and swagger. 

The groovy pizzicato is not only seriously impressive in one hand, but BOTH. Some serious tekkers are going on here.

Also, how cool is the camera angle of the vibrating strings?

JUST LOOK AT THOSE FINGERS GO! The pain they must be in are just one of the many challenging things about playing the double-bass!