Amazing puppetry: this busker makes his marionette play cello beautifully

30 June 2017, 12:21

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Puppets: an outdated form of theatre, or a seriously impressive prop? This street performer helps us decide…

‘Ettenoiram’, also known as the traveling puppeteer, built and designed his own marionette to help him play the cello. He even learned to play the cello, to make sure his performance was authentic.

Playing along to Elvis Presley’s 'Can’t Help Falling in Love', the traveling puppeteer masterfully directs his puppet, managing to make him adopt a rich vibrato and the perfect posture of a true cellist.

The effect is truly remarkable, and (excuse the cheese) we can’t help but fall in love with Ettenoiram’s little wooden man.

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